Briggs' Life
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Briggs Virtual Tour at the turn of the century (circa 1999)
**These require your browser have the Quicktime 4.0 (or higher) plugin
so I added information concerning that format (below in appendix).

A day in the life of Briggs Biology (12/7/99)
A 'walk-through' two node virtual tour of
what it is like to be in Lyman Briggs 'Biology II'.
(Virtual Reality (VR) movie 1MB file)
(or two halves of the VR (1) (2) 524k each)

An LBS faculty office
(Virtual Reality (VR) movie 1MB)

The LBS Holmes Hall Cafeteria in Fall
(VR1, VR2, or "walk through" VR movie 2.5 MB)

Students participating in the 1999 LBS TA Workshop
(VR1, or "walk through" VR movie 1.5 MB)

Students leading discussions in Luckie's Biology I [LBS-144]
(VR movie 500k)

Jim Smith lecturing Biology I [LBS-144]
(VR movie 500k)

 An evening laboratory in Biology I [LBS-144 Lab]
(576K movie | 704K jpeg)

 An evening laboratory in Biology II [LBS-145 Lab]
(576K movie | 672K jpeg)

 An afternoon laboratory in Chemistry I [LBS-165 Lab]
(516K movie | 644K jpeg)

 An afternoon laboratory in Physics I [LBS-164 Lab]
(528K movie | 668K jpeg)

 An afternoon in a study lounge [Holmes West]
(554K movie)

 Residence Hall life at its best [Dorm Room]
(544K movie)


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Navigating the Virtual Reality Movies
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