Stephanie Palmer

Class of 1997

It was another damp day here in Oxford. I share an office with three other graduate students in the attic of the theoretical physics building. It's just the four of us, two computers, and our beloved space heater. When asked on days like this what I treasure most about my LBS experience, I'm tempted to say, 'central heat.' I do miss the warmth of Michigan, even though those two things might seem mutually exclusive. There are several things that I took from my four years in Briggs that have been very valuable to me: my teaching and research experience, the emphasis on communication and writing skills in the STS courses, the senior seminar course, etc... All of the skills that I learned have been incredibly useful, but the moments that I spent talking to professors and students in Briggs are even more precious to me. The friendships that I've made with people in Briggs are irreplaceable and invaluable. To me, that is what makes LBS different. I cherish the moments I spent in cafes discussing literature and art with Tess Tavormina, the times I spent chatting about chemistry and a certain black Labrador named Ben with Dr. Spees, and the countless other nights I stayed up late to talk with friends about almost anything. The Briggs program challenged me to think about science in a social and historical context and stressed the importance of communication in science. More importantly, it gave me a wonderfully supportive environment in which to express those thoughts and to develop those skills.