Laura Haas Comilla

LBS class of 1997

When asked, "What makes Lyman Briggs so different?" my answer is, "the professors and the students!"

The Lyman Briggs community is pretty unique in that it has a computer lab, open hour laboratories designed to allow students to learn at their own pace, and that you can sleep in the same dorm as your classrooms. However, these are frivolous things that makes up Lyman Briggs. What makes Lyman Briggs so special are the professors and students∑they act Briggsie.

How does one act "Briggsie?"

Well for one thing the professors care about the students. I spent many hours with my calculus professor in his office going over problems and theories. I also spent hours with my biology professor talking about collegiate decisions such as courses to take, graduate school and industrial positions to seek. A Briggsie professor does more than just teach. They mentor each student who comes to them looking for guidance or direction.

How does a student act "Briggsie?"

You have a desire.

A desire to learn.

A desire to succeed.

A desire to question every law of physics.

A desire to test every biological hypothesis.

A desire to help those students around you of whom are your friends.

Because of this attitude, the students of Lyman Briggs feed their quest of knowledge while being surrounded by professors who care and fellow classmates who are willing to help encourage. This atmosphere is found nowhere else on Michigan State‚s campus but in Lyman Briggs.