Alice Dreger

LBS Assistant Professor of STS 1996-2005

What makes Briggs special is that the people in Briggs the students, the staff, and the faculty are all focused on a common goal, namely learning. The students in Briggs exhibit en masse the kind of excitement about college education you usually only see with returning students who have been out in the world and have come to realize what a wonderful thing college education is. I feel sometimes, when I'm with my class in C-101 Holmes Hall, like I have to shovel ideas faster and faster lest I fail to keep up with the students hungry minds, and every time I do ""feed"" my students, I get to enjoy with them the great sense of satisfaction that comes with thinking at realms not reached before. And the best part is that we teachers get to learn along with them! Sometimes I feel like I should be paying tuition to my students, given how often they have helped me encounter, explore, and grasp a new concept. Briggs students are the kind of people who care about the well-being of the world around them, and who know that being a broadly educated person translates into being a better community member. The more time I spend with our students, the more confident I feel that each will, in her own way, go on to do great things for our world. So teaching in Briggs makes me feel like I am doing something good for my local community and the global village, too.