Gemma O'Keeffe

LBS class of 1998

When deciding on a college four years ago I did not know what to look. Sure schools can give you their run down of course schedules and statistics but I also wanted college to be a life experience not just one in education. After hearing and seeing what MSUās Lyman Briggs School had to offer a science bound student, I took a chance and am now extremely glad about that decision. Lyman Briggs (LBS) took a huge university and made it personable. LBS has all the benefits of a Big Ten university with the atmosphere and attention of a small college. The extraordinary classes I have taken have been tailored specifically to the science students right down to the various writing courses offered. Within my Briggsā classes I have made many friends that I have been able to relate to on a social and academic level. I honestly feel I have a graduating class to remember, not just a few familiar faces in the crowd. During my four years at Lyman Briggs, I decided to take advantage of MSU's oversea study programs. My LBS advisor not only encouraged my travels to Italy but was excited about my plans for that upcoming summer. She helped me to find classes that could be used towards my undergraduate degree. It has been my expenences with my travels during college and the confidence gained from my studies at LBS that makes me excited for my fliture. After graduation my plans are to move to Western Africa for two years with the Peace Corps in hopes that I can make a difference. LBS has been the difference between just recognizing my professors and classmates to making them mentors and friends.. For this I thank them.