LBS and Madison Canoe Race 1999
"Deliverance Part 2: The Revenge"

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Surprise... the rock is painted and the theme is politically incorrect.
Man on cell phone is calling in reinforcements (you should see the other side!)

Dr. Jim Zablotny and the fearless pooch Stormy watch the action.

Dr. Alice Dreger pets the LBS racing canine, Stormy!
"Oooo, Stormy, look!...  A digital camera!"

Action on the high seas (or rather Red Cedar)... "Hey, Madison Professor Dude, the OTHER way!"

Canoe race veterans, Chris Steinacker and Dave Kovacs add this year's slogan
"Profane and Profound, Go LBS!" to their T-shirts.

Madison Professor Dude talks the LBS Director Diane Ebert-May,
Diane: "So you DO know you were supposed to canoe in the other direction, right?

Mike Maile and the crowd await the finals.

Nate Unkefer and Jen Sobota show off their T-shirt design "LBS 4 EVA" and
Madison dude eaten by Red Cedar sharks. Dr. Macrakis looks on.