Aaron Goldenberg

LBS class of 1997

The first time I had ever heard about Lyman Briggs was at an open house held by MSU, and from that day on I knew that there was something very unique about the School. Located in one residence hall, Briggs provided a small school atmosphere within a major university, which was something that I found very appealing. I also knew that for a long time I had the desire to study science, but I could never decide what field to choose. Briggs gave me the opportunity to experience courses in many different scientific subjects. Through these classes I was able to choose my own path of study wisely. During this process I found myself interested not only in the sciences themselves, but in the history, ethics, and social implications of scientific study as well. Through Briggs's Science and Technology Studies Program I was able to explore these issues and learn about science's relationship to the humanities.

The summer before my Senior Year I was able apply my Briggs experiences as an Intern for The American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC. Through their Science and Policy department I spent the summer working with a program that focused on creating a dialogue between Scientific and Religious Communities. While there, I really got to observe the political and social aspects of science and technology. Many of the people I worked for expressed how imperative it is for Universities to start giving students experiences with these types of Science Humanity issues. It was at that point when I realized how distinct Lyman Briggs really is. By already making these issues an intricate part of their curriculum, Briggs is better preparing students for the future. Through my experiences with Briggs I was more equipped to confront science in the "real world" relate my studies to my work.

Over my four years at school I made friendships that will last a lifetime, and gained knowledge that will guide me through whatever I choose to do. With opportunities to get involved both in and outside the classroom and unique experiences to share with friends Lyman Briggs was more than just a school to me but rather a Community of Learning that I will always remember.