Edward Ingraham

Director of LBS 1987-1998

I have had the privilege of working at Briggs in two quite different circumstances, first as an assistant professor of mathematics for a year back in the late Sixties and then for more than a decade as its director in the Eighties and Nineties. In both cases, I have admired and personally benefited from the way in which the Briggs community of students, faculty, and staff works together as a unit to create an educational atmosphere and experience that encourages the students to get the most from their education, not only by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to pursue successfully a career but more importantly by expanding their intellectual horizons so that they can understand better themselves and the world around them. The excellence of the faculty, the rich variety of their disciplines, the undergraduate teaching assistants working as junior colleagues with the faculty who have just recently been their instructors, the student participation on what are usually all-faculty committees, the incredible dedication and loyalty and helpfulness of the staff and graduate teaching assistants, the community activities such as the annual canoe race and the cultural excursions, the faculty/staff/student lunches in the cafeteria-all these have made my life at Briggs a memorably enriching experience for me. Long may LBS prosper and grow!